Solar monoï TIKI indice 3

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Tahiti Box has selected this tanning monoi for you.

Plastic bottle – 60ml



Tahiti Box has selected this tanning monoi for you.

Enhanced with a sun filter, TIKI tanning monoi is ideal for the beach. Its scent mixed with warm sand makes this monoi the essential accessory on the beach. It sublimates the tan leaving exotic scents on the skin. Rich in coconut oil, it intensely hydrates and nourishes the skin and the hair is more vigorous.

Directions for use: apply widely on the body and hair. Avoid direct exposure to the sun. Protect yourself with a high protection sunscreen. Due to its exclusive composition in coconut oil, Tiki monoi freezes at a temperature below 20 ° C, without altering its quality. To restore it to its liquid state, gentle warming is sufficient.

NB: specify the desired fragrance when ordering. By default, you will receive the fragrance mentioned in the box sheet or one of the fragrances mentioned below.

Available fragrances: tiare, coconut, vanilla – Plastic bottle – 60ml