Our concept

Tahiti Box is THE Polynesian box par excellence!

In French Polynesia, there is an incredible wealth and diversity of products from artisans, designers and producers. They have in common the passion to manufacture a wide variety of exceptional products. However, not all are known to the general public in the same way. Tahiti Box wishes to pay tribute to them through its wide range of gift boxes to offer or to offer yourself!

Tahiti Box brings together in a box, a concentrate of the richness of Tahiti and her islands. You will have the pleasure of discovering unique themed gift boxes that will accompany you for each occasion in your life or that of your loved ones.

Tahiti-Box is the pleasure of offering a concentrate of French Polynesia with the flavors, smells and originality of Tahiti and her islands. All our boxes are made from 100% Polynesian products: jams, vanilla, artisanal products, soaps, monoi… They are designed to make you taste the flavors of Tahiti and her islands and to transport all your senses. It is thus with the greatest care that local products, made at Fenua, are selected across all five archipelagos of the Territory;

  • The Society Islands, the prototype of the South Sea Islands
  • The Tuamotu Islands, these islets of the coral reef combining immaculate beauty lagoons with an exceptional underwater world.
  • The Gambier Islands, a distant paradise more than 1600km from Tahiti.
  • The Marquesas Islands, “Land of men” where nature and culture shows meet.
  • The Australs Archipelago, this unspoiled and mysterious country that contains legendary cliffs and caves.

With Tahiti Box, you will have the pleasure of offering better!