Our story

Once upon a time…

The concept “Tahiti Box” was born from the wish of a young Polynesian-American of 12 years, to make their letters of nobility to all these Polynesian artisans, creators and producers. So many genuine and passionate people who enhance the resources of Polynesia every day. So to make her culture shine in the world, she imagined bringing these resources together in a box. “We are ALL Tahiti Box! “…

… and this is how

“Tahiti Box” materialized by the meeting of his father with two Polynesians. Three people keen to promote local know-how by creating a website offering 100% Polynesian gift boxes. The credo of “Tahiti Box” is to contribute to the economic and artisanal development of the country, while promoting Polynesian culture internationally. All the selected products are made with passion by our Polynesian producers.

“Tahiti Box” accompanies you in each new stage of your life: wedding, birthday, birth … or simply the pleasure of giving! To please yourself or your loved ones, you will surely find the ideal box among our wide range of boxes. “Tahiti Box” is the guarantee of a successful, surprising and emotional gift.

To make this young girl’s wish come true.

The Tahiti Box team